"What is there to say? Jeffrey Alan Love is just plain brilliant."

-Mike Mignola

"Jeffrey Alan Love, writing as an endlessly fascinated amnesiac, fills his notebook with fragments of observation, pieces of behaviour, gods, strangeness and charm, in a desperate attempt to make sense of it all. To create a kind of personal tarot out of these icons and wastrels. And the strangest thing is I get the sense he's walking around his hometown of St. Louis, sketching from life - sitting on the pavement, smudging his raw materials, turning neighbors into spirits and dogs into demons. Jeffrey's haunted silhouetted world is a recent discovery for me, but like a great old battered European city, I want to excavate more and more of it."

-Dave McKean

"Love's strange imagery comes in like transmissions from an arid, alien landscape. The message is ancient, the script encoded, the picture is dusty and bold. Most highly recommended."

-Paul Pope

"A wonderfully strange and atmospheric journey."

-Joe Abercrombie

"Haunting, mysterious, and timeless, Notes From The Shadowed City takes us on a journey through the Stygian landscapes of our dreams and nightmares."


"This book is pure joy, beautiful to look at, magical and funny. The balance between the writing and images is perfect. Practically every page seeps with a mythic imagination, leaving us space to dream on our own. Wonderful!"

-John Harris

"Digs right down to the roots of fantasy, clears away everything unnecessary and comes up with something vivid and fresh."

-Peter Higgins

"Notes From The Shadowed City is a monolithic, playful, exquisite tour de force. Beautifully designed and constructed, it's a masterpiece of considered restraint."

-Sean Phillips

"Jeffrey Alan Love's Notes From The Shadowed City, with its unique style of illustration and imagination, is a mythic tale with all the dread, beauty, and cryptic mystery of a dream."

-Jeffrey Ford

Available soon from Flesk Publications.